Graceful, flower solar lights for your garden!

We were very excited to see these fabulous new solar lights, in the shape of flowers!  We have a beautiful bluebell, a fantastic foxglove and a pretty poppy design!  They have a small solar panel that charges by day, and then the flowers light up at night!  They aren't plastic either - they are made from metal and hand-painted glass!  So very durable, unusual and eye-catching; be the first one of your friends to own one!  They are just £14.99 each.

Poppies everywhere!

To continue the theme of poppies, especially with Remembrance Day coming up in November, we have these fabulous, cast iron poppies on stakes, to be used for decoration, or filled with water for birds, or with seed as a bird feeder!  As they are made of cast iron, they are strong and durable, as well as making a great focal point in your garden!  They are just £6.99 each, so why not get several?


This gorgeous, folding poppy table, is truly stunning, and would brighten up your patio or conservatory.  It is made by the same company who made the very popular peacock bird bath - which  flew off the shelves (pardon the pun!) Just look at the detail, and the vibrant, hand-painted colour of the glass top!  It it only £19.99!


Loyalty Card Offer is for Orchids, at amazingly good prices!


We have put together ANOTHER Loyalty Card Offer (as well as the Azalea offer!) - this is for £2 off marked price of our BEAUTIFUL ORCHIDS!  We have the instantly recognisable "moth orchid" - Phalaenopsis, in a variety of colours, and some stunning Dendrobiums too.  They are the ideal houseplant, with gorgeous flowers that last a long time.  Once they have flowered, you can cut the flower spike off, using a sterile blade, at approx 2 inches from the bottom.  After a rest period, the Orchid will bloom again.  They love humidity, so sitting the pot on a bed of gravel that is kept damp is ideal.  Water them with rainwater, just once a week in the growing season, and keep in a bright place, but not too much direct sunlight - an east facing windowsill is ideal.


Loyalty Card Offer is for Evergreen Azaleas! Just £5.99 each!

This week's Loyalty Card offer is for the fabulous Evergreen Azalea, also known as the Japanese Azalea.  This wonderful plant has so much going for it - it is evergreen so looks good even in the depths of winter; it has beautiful flowers that brighten up a Spring day; and they are compact enough to live happily in a pot, to be moved to wherever you wish.  They need acid/ericaceous soil, so keep in a pot if you are unsure as to the pH of your garden soil.  Put them in a sheltered, lightly shaded spot - avoid the dark, dry shade under a tree though.

Loyalty Card holders can pick up an Evergreen Azalea for just £5.99 (£1.00 off marked price of £6.99)  If you haven't got a Loyalty Card yet, pop by our tills and sign up for one, to be eligible for our special loyalty offers and points that add up to give you a discount on future purchases.  Tuesdays are Quadruple Points Day!

Stock Clearance starts 6th September

   Starting on Tuesday 6th September!

End of Season & Discontinued Stock Clearance",

Reduced plants will be on sale outside, and reduced shop stock will be on sale in an area by the Café.

*  *  Come along, have a browse, pick up some bargains!  *  *  


Pansies & Violas are Buy TWO get one FREE!!

September may have sneaked up on us, but there is still plenty to be done in the garden, not least choosing plants for Autumn/Winter colour and interest.  We have some fabulous packs of Pansies and Violas that are just £2.99 for a 6 pack - BUY 2 PACKS GET ANOTHER ONE FREE!  These tough little plants will shrug off the cold and will bloom steadily if you keep them watered and dead-head to encourage blooming.

Bare-root Wallflowers and Sweet Williams are NOW IN!


Now in, bags of bare root Wallflowers and Sweet Williams.  "Persian Carpet" (blue bag) are the larger wallflowers and "Tom Thumb" (red bag) are the dwarf variety.  Wallflowers and Sweet Williams are traditionally planted in the Autumn, and will bloom in early Spring.  Simply soak in water for an hour before planting.  

*  *     All are just £1.99 per bag     *  * 

Now is the time to plant BULBS!!

We are BURSTING at the seams with BEAUTIFUL BULBS!!

These Extra Value Tete a Tete are just £3.99 for 30 bulbs! 


We also have 2kg bags of Dutch Master Narcissus, £5.99, in a stunning yellow, or Ice Follies Narcissus, which are white and yellow.  Or you can choose a bag of Mixed Colours of Narcissus in a variety of colours and shapes.



We have large sacks of mixed, naturalising Narcissi too, for extra value for money.



Autumn bulbs are in - plant NOW for Spring!

Autumn bulbs  -  plant NOW for Spring colour!  We have:  Crocus, Narcissus, Iris, Alliums, Cyclamen, Anemones and Tulips - many varieties/colours of each!  Plant them in a pot or in the border now, and forget about them!  Then they will surprise you next Spring with their colour!

Climbing Campsis just £7.99!

This week's special offer for EVERYONE is the wonderful plant, Campsis, also known as the Trumpet Vine or Creeper Vine.    We have Campsis radicans "Flamenco" which is a lovely red colour, Campsis radicans "Mmme Galen" which is a more orangey-red, and also Campsis radicans "Flava" which is a brilliant yellow.

Was £9.99, but now  just £7.99! 

Spring Bulb Planter - an ideal gift!

For sheer "cuteness" I had to share this photo with you - a Spring Bulb Planter, made from metal, that has 2 pots, fixed together.  It comes with the bulbs and compost, all ready to plant up.  It would made a super present for someone who likes flowers!  Just £8.99!

Potting bench and storage shelving

This very stylish potting bench would enhance any shed, especially with the matching storage shelving unit.  Made from wood and painted green, the shelving unit could also be used in the garden to display pots of herbs, for example.  Or ideal for your trays of seedlings.  The uses are endless!  The potting bench and the shelving unit are both just £49.99. 



New Trees now In

Visit Soon for the best choice of All Types of Tree!

NEW IN!!!!  Fruit: On Various Rootstocks 

Pears, Quinces, Medlar, Apples, Cherries, Damsons, Gages Mirabelles, Plums etc.  

Ornamental:   Flowering Cherries, Sorbus, Mountain Ash, Magnolias, Acers, Crataegus, Malus to name just a few!

Large Selection of Trees for The Smaller Garden, and of course lots of good gardening advice.

New Season Seeds now in!

We have a large, new selection of seeds from Thompson & Morgan and Suttons are now in, from Agastache to Zinnia, and everything in between!  This packet of seeds for the world's LARGEST TOMATO caught my eye - what a whopper!

Donation point for the Rainbow Centre

Abbey Garden Centre is pleased to announce that it is now a Donation Drop-off Point for the The Rainbow Centre, a charity in Fareham that supports children and adults with disabilities.  Just inside our main gates, on the left, next to Bob's shed, is a black wheelie bin, clearly labelled with the Rainbow Centre logo.  Please feel free to drop off bagged items, such as good quality clothes (especially ladies' evening wear), bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, ornaments, books, CDs and DVDs,  games and puzzles, toys, bric-a-brack, in fact anything that can be sold to raise funds for such a worthwhile charity.  Click on the link here: read more about the fabulous things The Rainbow Centre achieves. 

Large range of Regatta clothing now in!

We have a fresh range of Regatta jackets now in, that will appeal to people of all ages and tastes!  Lots of bright, funky colours, and all and GREATLY REDUCED PRICES!!

This fantastically nautical, waterproof and windproof "Grace" jacket is just £30 (RRP £65) This funky "Andreson" jacket is ideal for sports and is bang on trend, and comes in bright pink with maroon side panels, and grey with black side panels. Just £40 (RRP £80)
This "Trissie" fleece tailored jacket is ideal for a smarter look, with the comfort of fleece! Just £30 (RRP £60)  This "Delia" fleece is an absolute steal at just £20 (RRP£35) - it's cowl neck really makes it stand out!  


Hozelock irrigation supplies for your summer watering needs



New Hozelock irrigation supplies are now in.  We now have a wide selection of connectors, drip fittings, end pieces etc.  We also have a choice of 3 controllers - one that comes on at sunrise and sunset, via a daylight sensor, one that comes on at sunrise and sunset, AND on specific days.  But for those real techno-geeks out there, there is the Cloud Controller kit that you can control via an app on your phone! Even if you are away from home, you can control the watering from the app!  This is gardening for the 21st century!

X Hose - Expanding Hose - as seen on TV!

We now stock the very clever X Hose - it expands up to 3 times it's original size, it is lightweight, and NEVER KINKS!!  (a problem with hosing that personally drives me mad!)  It contracts back to normal size in seconds, and has durable, universal fittings and a tap adaptor is included.  It comes in 3 sizes - 50ft is £29.99, 75ft is £39.99 and 100 ft (pictured above) is £49.99.  The tough hook on which to hang the hose is £9.99.  Click HERE  to see a video of the hose "in action"!

Wet and Forget - selling fast!

This fabulous product is selling fast, as word is getting out at how GREAT it is at getting rid of mould, algae and lichen!  It is so simple to use - simply dilute in a garden sprayer, and apply to paving slabs, paths, the sides of pots, greenhouses, wooden fences, conservatories, boats, in fact anywhere where mould and algae collects.  Just look at the "before" and "after" photo below, to show the results that can be obtained!  Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss, mould and gunge removal on any exterior surface. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help remove the mould without any scouring or effort needed!  A large 5 litre concentrate bottle is £29.99, but diluted down makes up 30 litres of product.  

Our Café garden is a real sun-trap!

Customers have been taking advantage of our Café courtyard the last few weeks, which offers sunshine and shade, depending on where you sit! (we also have parasols if you prefer shade!)  Our sheltered Café garden is a very pleasant area to enjoy this fabulous weather we've been having - why not come for a coffee, or lunch, and see for yourself?!  We do a wide variety of hot lunches, freshly made sandwiches to order, and a range of cakes and crisps.

Abbey's Café - you can have our delicious breakfasts SOONER!


Due to high demand for our delicious, freshly cooked-to-order breakfasts, we are pleased to announce we are now serving at an earlier time of 9am Monday-Saturdays and 9.30am on Sundays.  So now your rumbling tummies won't have to wait so long for a tasty cooked breakfast - see you soon! 

Gardening clogs - the ideal "back door" shoe!

You MUST try on these excellent gardening slip-on clogs!  They are the IDEAL back-door shoe, so easy to pop on when you go in the garden!  NEW IN, the lovely "Falling Flowers" range that matches the Falling Flowers gardening gloves!  They come in a very pretty purple or pink floral design, as well as the more traditional green clogs (that I have myself, and they are RIDICULOUSLY comfy!)  Just £9.99!!

A plea for BOOKS!!

BOOKS NEEDED!! A plea for help! As many of you know, our Café sells donated books for 50p each to raise money for various charities. Our current cause is Wave 105's Cash for Kids campaign, to help local children in our area, and we have so far raised an amazing £150 thanks to our generous customers! But we need MORE BOOKS to sell, as we are running very short! PLEASE have a look through your bookshelves and bring in any you no longer need/have read, and for 50p a book you could find some new ones!

"The Sharpening" - next visit is Saturday, 24 September

Dates for 2016

Saturday 20 August  
Saturday 24 September  


"The Sharpening" will be returning to Abbey Garden Centre on SATURDAY 24 September!   Come to Abbey with your blunt items and get them sharpened!  Items such as flat mower blades, shears, loppers, knives, scissors, secateurs, chisels, axes, planes etc.  Prices vary depending on item, from £2 upwards.  Hunt through your shed, or kitchen drawer, and come visit The Sharpening at Abbey Garden Centre.

Terrific Terracotta!

Just look at the HUGE range of Terracotta pots that we now have in!  All shapes and sizes, from small pots and saucers that are suitable for herbs, right up to enormous planters suitable for large shrubs or small trees such as Acers.  Also shallow, round bowls that suit Alpine plants, and ones with many holes that you can plant Strawberry plants, or Lobelia in!  Truly a pot for every occasion! 


A gentle reminder to our doggy friends .....

Abbey Garden Centre is a dog-friendly site, we love to stop and say hello to our 4-legged visitors, even in our Cafe, on the green-floored area, but here is just a gentle reminder of our dog rules!



Rewards for Forces card

We are happy to say that we now accept the "Rewards for Forces" card, which is a card that serving and ex-Servicemen can apply for.  This card will entitle you to a 10% discount on purchases at Abbey Garden Centre (excluding the Cafe, vouchers and sale items)

Just show your Rewards for Forces card at the till to get your 10% discount!  Click HERE for further information on the Rewards for Forces Card.

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Aquarium and Watergarden Centre stocking a great selection of tanks, RO Water, tropical fish, marine fish, Koi Carp and Gold Fish.

Ponds, pond liners, pumps, accessories, plants and food. Challenge our knowledgeable experts with your queries and dilemmas!

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