Let Abbey plant your baskets for you!

We all know the feeling, browsing round our vast expanse of bedding plants, wondering which ones to choose, and which colour scheme to go with - the choice can be quite daunting!  Well, worry no more!  Let our knowledgeable Plant Team here at Abbey make up your baskets for you!!

Bring in your empty hanging baskets from home and we will re-plant them for you with colours and plants of your choice - all for the cost of the plants plus £1 for the compost! 

*  No more tiresome decisions!  *   No more hassle!  *  Let Abbey make you the baskets you have always wanted!  *

Loyalty Card Offer - Osteospurmums (Cape Daisy) - Buy One Get One Half Price!

Loyalty Card Offer - Buy One Get One Half Price on Osteospurmums - Cape Daisies!

These beautiful daisies hail from South Africa, and come in a variety of colours to suit your colour scheme - from vibrant yellow, to russet orange, through to peach, pinks and white.  They enjoy a sunny spot, not too damp or too dry - deadhead to encourage repeat blooming - and they will reward you with colour all through the season!

If you haven't got an Abbey Garden Centre Loyalty Card yet, pop by our tills and pick one up, and start taking advantage of our extra-special Loyalty Card offers!

Portwest clothing is on sale - 10% off

Portwest jackets and fleeces are now 10% off - come and browse through the sale rail and grab a warm fleece or jacket at sale prices!

Our greenhouse is BURSTING with plants for summer!

Here is a sneaky peak behind the scenes at Abbey - the rows of benches in our greenhouse HEAVING with summer bedding plants!  They are carefully tended to by our Plant Team, who each week water them and  pinch out the growing tips to ensure the best plants for you to buy!  Spot Greg in the picture, watering!


*  *  Fantastic summer bedding offer!*  *

We have all sorts of summer bedding, from fuchsias, geraniums, petunias, calibrachoa, and trailing lysimachia and nepeta - all £1.99 a pot, or any 6 for £10!


We also make up our own hanging baskets, and then tend to them and let them grow on until the risk of frost has passed - the photo shows hundreds of them hanging in our greenhouse.  Don't forget you can bring us your empty hanging baskets and we will re-plant them for you with fresh plants - all for the cost of the plants plus £1 for the compost!  Let Abbey take the hassle out of planting for you!


Sharpening service - THIS SATURDAY!

New to Abbey Garden Centre!  The Sharpening Man will visit on the LAST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH!!  Come to Abbey with your blunt items and get them sharpened!  Items such as flat mower blades, shears, loppers, knives, scissors, secateurs, chisels, axes, planes etc.  Prices vary depending on item, from £2 upwards.  Hunt through your shed, or kitchen drawer, and come visit Abbey Garden Centre this Saturday 25 April.

The weather is warm, but it's time to think CHILLIs!!!

We have a great new selection of chilli plants in, with milder varieties such as Aji Habanero (500-2,500 Scoville rating), Jalapeno and Hungarian Hot Wax. Then we have medium ones, such as Zimbabwe Black (20-30,000) and Peruvian Lemon Drop (50-70,000).  Then the real bad boys such as Bhut Jolokia (1,200,000!!) and Trinidad Moruga Scorpian, a staggering 1,400,000 on the Scoville scale!!  My eyes are watering just thinking about it! 

We also stock chilli food, specifically for chillis, at just £3.99, to ensure a bumper crop!

How HOT can you go??!!  Check out the Scoville scale!




Great novelty idea for wine-lovers!

We have a great gift for someone who loves wine - these 5 piece sets of wine sticks that hold a bottle of wine and glasses by simply pushing them into the grass or soil.  Or drinks sticks, a 4 piece set that holds glasses, cans or beer bottles.  Great for the beach, picnics, festivals or camping and caravanning! 


NEW IN - brand new range of garden furniture and chairs!


New in, a brand new range of garden furniture - bistro sets, garden benches and anti-gravity reclining chairs (which are ridiculously comfy!).  Also "helicopter" chairs plus cushions to laze in the sunshine for that touch of decadence!  We have colourful "director's chairs" that are light and foldable, also Iowa chairs in blue and white rattan-effect for a retro feel.

See our Facebook page for the full album of pictures! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Abbey-Garden-Centre/117588375016295?ref=bookmarks

Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Slug Gone pellets were extremely popular last year - they are wool pellets that form a felt-like mat that absorbs moisure from the slug's foot, making it difficult for the slug to cross it.  The wool also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug's foot creating a natural barrier.  The wool mat also acts as a mulch, keeping moisture in and weeds out.  Slug Gone is a natural, biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth.  They are also safer than slug pellets for homes with cats, dogs and other pets.  Why not give them a try?!


Wet and Forget NOW IN!

Wet and Forget  - NOW IN!  For those of you who haven't heard of Wet and Forget, it is an ingenious solution that you paint on areas that normally get covered in mould, moss or lichen etc, ie paving slabs, walls, pots, even boats!  It has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss & mould removal on absolutely any exterior surface.  When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mould and grime. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush the moss, mould and grime without scouring the surface it has infested.

*  Non caustic. Non acidic  *

*  No bleach. No water blasting  *

*  No elbow grease!  *

A gentle reminder to our doggy friends .....

Abbey Garden Centre is a dog-friendly site, we love to stop and say hello to our 4-legged visitors, even in our Cafe, on the green-floored area, but here is just a gentle reminder of our dog rules!



Replace your worn out hanging baskets for fresh new ones!

Our full new range of hanging baskets are now in!  We have a large variety of shapes and sizes, from 'Banana Braid' woven baskets that have a built in plastic liner, to the ever popular 'Sisal Rope cone-shaped hanging basket, also with an integral liner.  Plus many more coir baskets, and troughs, plus coco basket liners, 12" and 14" duo packs,  to replace any that have fallen apart.  It's surprising how much a hanging basket or two will add to the "kerb appeal" of your house, and attract admiring glances from your neighbours!

*  If filling them yourself is a bit daunting, we have a large range of baskets that we make up here on-site to choose from!  We can make them to your specification too - if you have a favourite flower or colour, let us know, and we can plant them up for you!  *

Add goodness back into your soil!


* 3 kg boxes of Fish, Blood and Bone, Bonemeal, Growmore Multi Purpose Plant Food and Rose Food are on offer *

£5.99 each or 2 for £10.

After the winter it is a good idea to add nutrients to the soil, to replace those that have been washed away by all the winter rain.  Give your plants a boost, and treat them to some much-needed nutrients!

Come and visit our Cafe - fantastic offers are CONTINUING!

We have some fantastic offers that are proving to be very popular, see below, including a freshly cooked English breakfast for just £1.99!



Come along and try some of our great deals today!

New to Abbey Garden Centre - Neudorff Range of Products


As seen on TV!  Neudorff Superfast Weedkiller!

You may have seen the adverts on TV for this weedkiller from Neudorff - now in stock at Abbey Garden Centre.

New to Abbey Garden Centre, the Neudorff range of natural and organic products.  They are environmentally friendly, reliable and effective pest control products.  For example, "Sluggo" Slug and Snail Killer contains 10g/kg ferric phosphate (iron) which occurs naturally in the environment.  After controlling slugs the product biodegrades into iron and phosphate enriching the soil around your plants.  Slugs are attracted away from plants to feed on the bait.  They cease feeding immediately and disappear underground to die without leaving any slime secretion or the need to collect and dispose of slug bodies!

*  *  For use on ALL edible and ornamental crops  *  *


Carruth Studio stone now 10% off!


Carruth Studio stone figures and plaques now 10% off!

Makes an ideal gift/present!

Time to think about Propagation!

Now is the time to think about what plants you want in your garden this year.  Growing your own plants from seeds is very economical and very rewarding too, and now is the ideal time of year to start! Why not pop in and have a look at our large range of propagation equipment and give it a go yourself?  "Sow and Grow" kits are an easy way to start, and contain biodegradable pots that can be planted out into the garden, without having to lift out the plant and risk damging the roots!

Potatoes, Onions and Summer Bulbs!






We have a large selection of seed pototoes in - First Earlies, Second Earlies and Main Crop pototoes - ready to chit now, ideally spaced out in egg boxes,  for planting out in March/April (or when the risk of frosts has passed).  Also a large selection of onion and garlic bulbs.  And don't forget the fabulous summer bulbs, such as Dahlias, Anemones, Liatris, Lillies and Gladioli, and Autumn flowering Nerines.  Most are for planting by March.  Available in regular size bags, and extra value XL size too.


Another Great Offer - 25% off Terracotta Pots!*


*  *  A MASSIVE 25% off Terracotta Pots!  *  * 

Buy pots now for your Spring displays, or why not stock up on new pots ready for next summer?

*  NOT Woodlodge terracotta pots

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Aquarium and Watergarden Centre stocking a great selection of tanks, RO Water, tropical fish, marine fish, Koi Carp and Gold Fish.

Ponds, pond liners, pumps, accessories, plants and food. Challenge our knowledgeable experts with your queries and dilemmas!

Make it a Gift with our Gift Wrapping Service

Ask for it to be Gift Wrapped for only £1.00*


* Available most days, and may involve a wait.