Abbey's festive food market!

Come and have a look at our fabulous display of Christmas food/nibbles/goodies!  We have based it on the traditional Christmas market huts that you see in European cities, and each hut is filled with delicious Christmas fare!  We have a large variety of jams, chutneys and pickles, also Panettone cake, Amaretti bites, Nougat, Turkish Delight, Vanilla Wafers, Toffee, Brandy Snaps, Shortbread, Chocolate and Vanilla bonbons, Cherry Liqueurs, retro "tape cassette" tins filled with mints, and much more!  Come stock up on some sweet treats to enjoy over the festive season!



Loyalty Card Offer - Rhododendrons and Evergreen Azaleas reduced!

This week's Loyalty Card Offer is for Rhododendrons and Evergreen Azaleas.  We have 2 benches full of Rhododendrons - some with a very distinctive varigated leaf - marked price is £11.99 but for Loyalty Card Holders the price is just £9.99!


Evergreen Azaleas that are marked £6.99 are now £5.99 for Loyalty Card Holders!

Both shrubs are an excellent addition to your garden - they prefer slightly moist, acidic soil in part sun/semi shade (they do well in large pots with ericaceous compost with a moisture-retaining mulch on top), and will reward you with a blaze of flowers in the Spring!

If you haven't got one of our Loyalty Cards yet, simply pop by our tills and sign up for one today to take advantage of our special offers for loyal customers!

Cute solar light animals!

New in, these adorable, metal sculpture solar light animals!  We have a cat, a dog and an owl, and they would look fabulous, glowing at night, in your garden/conservatory!  At only £9.99 they would make a great Christmas present too, for the animal-lover in your family!

Halloween will be here soon!







October is trundling along pretty swiftly and soon it will be Halloween!  Why not decorate your front door with one of our spooky terracotta pumpkins, skulls or ghouls?  Or maybe a cute little string of battery operated pumpkins or ghosts for just £2.99?!


Winter Opening Hours - from 1st November


This is just a little bit of advance notice that we will change to our Winter Opening Hours as from the 1st November 2015.  The revised hours will apply until 28 February 2016.


NEW IN - The Amazingly Comfortable MUCK BOOTS!

*  *  *  NEW IN!!  *  *  *  The Original "Muck Boots"!!  *  *  *

These WATERPROOF boots are very popular amongst horse owners, dog walkers, festival goers - in fact anyone who wants to keep their feet DRY and WARM when they are out and about! 

We now have 5 kinds in  - The tall, "Arctic Adventure boot", which goes up to your knee,  The "Daily", which is a slip-on lawn and garden shoe, the "Scrub Boot", which is a short lawn and garden boot.  Then there is the "Chore" - an all conditions work boot which has a steel shank for additional arch support.  And finally the Sport II Tall - an extreme conditions sport boot which has a taller, extended rubber coverage.  They come in various sizes and a variety of colours, from a hot pink, to brown, black and green.

All are very lightweight, and are all waterproof - they are the "superior welly"!

Tick Tock - time to buy a new garden clock!

  Tick Tock - the clock is ticking - it's time to think about a new clock for the garden, and this selection is new in at Abbey Garden Centre!  We have a delightful Blue Tit clock, and a Robin clock, which both have a temperature display too.  Or you could choose the Birdberry clock which features 12 different birds.  We also have 2 different plain clocks as well, all suitable for the garden or conservatory etc.  Would make an ideal Christmas present!


Shine a light ......

  These fantastic lanterns are going straight onto my Christmas List!  They take three AAA batteries and you have a choice of on/off or "Auto" setting - in Auto the candle illuminates at the same time each day for 4 hours.  Then off for 20 hours!  Batteries last for up to 50 days in Auto mode.  Just £9.99!


Or you could try these traditional glass jar lanterns - insert your own tealight and hang from a tree to create a lovely ambience, or place in a conservatory, or on a windowsill.  Just £4.99.



Cactus - the easiest houseplant!

We have a lovely selection of Cactus plants in our houseplant section at the moment, from as little as 99p for a small one!  Why not buy one of our lovely terracotta bowls and saucers, fill with Cactus compost, also available here, and create your own arrangement of cacti?  I planted up the bowl pictured right for a friend's birthday - they are so easy to care for, are relatively slow-growing, and look stunning when several are planted together!

If you don't fancy the thought of all those prickles, we can plant them up for you, for a nominal charge to cover the cost of the compost and gravel topping!

New In - Autumn Gardening Deals!

 New In - some great Autumn deals on gardening tools/equipment.  Ideal to treat yourself, or why not buy some early gifts for that event in December that shall not be named yet??!!

3 piece gardening set - hand trowel, hand fork and cushioned kneeler - brilliant value at £12.99 and an excellent gift!   Lopper and shears set from Kent & Stowe - just £17.99! Seat and Move - a handy wheeled seat to help when you garden, plus storage when you lift up the lid!  £24.99  
Kent & Stowe Professional Bypasss Shears and Anvil Shears set - just £14.99!   Finally, a very useful bulb/potato planter, just £4.99!    


* NOW IN STOCK - Large selection of ornamental trees and fruit trees *








*  NOW IN STOCK  *  NEW IN  *  Ornamental Trees and Fruit Trees  *

New in, a large selection of lovely looking ornamental trees for your garden, including Acers, Betulas (Silver Birch), Crataegus (Hawthorn), Eucalyptus, Laburnum, Malus (Crab Apple), Prunus (Cherry) and  Sorbus (Rowan).

Also fruit trees, including apple, pear, plum, cherry etc.

Autumn is the ideal time for planting trees - they can start to put their roots down before the cold of winter sets in!  Come along and browse our wide selection today!

(Note:  soft fruit isn't in yet - it should arrive in October)

NEW IN - Onions and Garlic!


You asked for them, and now they are in!!  New delivery of Garlic - "Marco" variety.  Also Shallots, "Jermor" and Onions - "Senshyu Yellow", "Electric" and "Red Winter".  More due in soon.

* * Fantastic offer on Bulbs - Buy One Get One FREE!!! * *

Now this offer is going to be VERY popular - you need to be quick off the mark, while stocks last, and all that!!!

Buy an XL pack of Juanita Narcissus (UK Daffodil of the Year 2015) for £5.99 and get an XL pack of Ruby Giant Crocus bulbs FREE (worth £5.99!)

You buy this one .....................        get this one FREE!!


Hints on how to plant bulbs

We have special packs of MIXED bulbs that compliment each other, and are for specific purposes, which takes the hassle out of which bulbs to plant, and when!  Pictured below are bulbs for Early Flowering, Late Flowering and bulbs for Shaded/Woodland areas, for example:

Early Flowering Bulb Collection   Late Flowering Bulb Collection   Woodland/Shady Bulb Collection

We also have a very clever "cut in half" or spliced bulb pot on display, which clearly shows the layers of planting that can be achieved even in a small pot.  You need a few broken pots or crocks on the bottom, then ideally some grit or gravel for drainage.  Then you can plant different bulbs at different levels; some need to go deeper and some need to be planted more towards the top.  You can also mix late flowering with early flowering - this ensures a consistent display!

YAY!!! The first of our bulbs have arrived!

Colin is jumping up and down in excitement!!  Why?!  The first of our bulbs have arrived, and there are some very nice new bulbs that are NEW for 2015!  Here are some sneak peaks at the new bulbs:

Camassia   Madeleine Tulip   Azureum Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)


We also have in the Crocus "Sativus", which is the Saffron Crocus - the stigmas of the crocus are used to make the very expensive herb, Saffron!  Plant immediately after purchase in the autumn and you will be rewarded with flowers from September-November, depending on when you planted them.


A glimpse into Autumn!

Fresh in!  Lots of lovely new plants for your Autumn borders, containers and baskets!

We have a large selection that includes little conifers, grasses, Choisyas, Eucalyptus, Erysimum Bowles Mauve, Euphorbias, Ajuga (Bugle), Sedums, purple and green Heucheras, trailing ivies, English Lavender, Delphiniums, Artemesia, Cineraria, Violas and much more!



We also have some gorgeous planted Violas in terracotta dishes, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face throughout Autumn and Winter!  Just £4.99 - amazing value for a planted terracotta dish!

It's time to think about Autumn planting!!

  Now October has arrived, it's time to start thinking about Autumn, and what plants and flowers will see you through the cooler months leading on into Winter (sorry to mention the "W" word!)

So, it's time to be pro-active and start thinking about your plants for Autumn!  Here at Abbey, we already have in some lovely Violas and Pansies, that'll shrug off even the coldest weather, and will look perky all year round - my ones from last year are still going strong a year later!  Great value for money at £2.99 for a pack of six!

Try Growing Success Soil Improver!

There's nothing worse than the prospect of back-breaking digging, so this new "No Dig" soil improver is the answer to your prayers!  You simply spread it to a depth of approximately 5 cm and then sit back and let the worms break it down and pull it down into your soil!  This is the easiest way to improve the structure of either clay or sandy soil and add essential nutrients.  Many of us in the local area have heavy clay soils, so this soil improver should help improve the texture of your soil.  A mulch also helps retains moisture during the warm summer months.

We have 50 litre bags for £3.99, which covers one square metre, at the recommended depth of 5cm.


Terrific Terracotta! All shapes and sizes!

Just look at the HUGE range of Terracotta pots that we now have in!  All shapes and sizes, from small pots and saucers that are suitable for herbs, right up to enormous planters suitable for large shrubs or small trees such as Acers.  Also shallow, round bowls that suit Alpine plants, and ones with many holes that you can plant Strawberry plants, or Lobelia in!  Truly a pot for every occasion!  Some are already planted up for you, ready to take away today!


Get a grip on those nasty weeds!

Tackle weeds with traditional Glyphosate weedkiller, a systemic weedkiller that kills most tough and difficult weeds right down to the roots, and biodegrades into the soil to allow replanting. It's perfect for clearing overgrown gardens - can be replanted immediately once weeds have died. Kills weeds and roots!  Now on offer at just £2.99 for a ready-to-use one litre bottle (normally £4.99)

Glyphosate Long Lasting Ground Clear, which comes in soluble sachets that you simply mix with water, to provide long-lasting weed control for 4-6 months (can't re-plant immediately), now just £7.99  (normally £9.99)

Finally, Glyphosate Super Strength, 6 soluable sachets that dissolve in water, this is the strongest domestic weedkiller available on the market, with 680g/kg of glyphosate, which treats up to 150 sqm.  It kills brambles, brushwood, Japanese Knotweed, nettles, couch grass, ground elder, docks, bracken, ivy and rhododendrons.

Now £7.99 (normally £9.99)

Use Provado to beat the bugs!

Now that your garden is  established you can sit back and relax, right?!!  NO!  All the hungry, nasty beasties are lining up to nibble at your plants, and suck the stems dry!!   BUT, you can FIGHT BACK - with PROVADO products! Provado Ultimate Bug Killer comes in a one litre, ready to use spray (£4.99).  It works on contact, and systemically, which means it is absorbed into the plant and keeps on working, for up to 6 weeks' control.  It's suitable for use on all outdoor ornamental plants, selected vegetables, fruit trees and bushes, and is effective against greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, mealybug, thrips, leaf hopper and lily beetle.  We also stock Provado Ultimate Bug Killer as a concentrate, to dilute with water and mix up yourself - a 400 ml bottle makes up to 27 litres.


Also very popular is the Provado Vine Weevil killer, which gives up to 4 months' protection against Vine Weevil in ornamental container plants.  Applied as a soil drench, it targets the grubs in the soil to prevent them hatching into adult Vine Weevil.  It also has the added bonus of controlling greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, woolly aphids and scale insects systemcially for up to 4 months.  Vine Weevil are becoming an increasing problem in pots and containers - if a plant looks sick, check the compost for Vine Weevil grubs that eat the roots.  

A gentle reminder to our doggy friends .....

Abbey Garden Centre is a dog-friendly site, we love to stop and say hello to our 4-legged visitors, even in our Cafe, on the green-floored area, but here is just a gentle reminder of our dog rules!



Rewards for Forces card

We are happy to say that we now accept the "Rewards for Forces" card, which is a card that serving and ex-Servicemen can apply for.  This card will entitle you to a 10% discount on purchases at Abbey Garden Centre (excluding the Cafe, vouchers and sale items)

Just show your Rewards for Forces card at the till to get your 10% discount!  Click HERE for further information on the Rewards for Forces Card.

"The Sharpening" - dates for 2015

 "The Sharpening" will visit Abbey Garden Centre on the following dates:

Saturday 24 October

Saturday 28 November

Saturday 19 December

Come to Abbey with your blunt items and get them sharpened!  Items such as flat mower blades, shears, loppers, knives, scissors, secateurs, chisels, axes, planes etc.  Prices vary depending on item, from £2 upwards.  Hunt through your shed, or kitchen drawer, and come visit Abbey Garden Centre on his next visit to us on Saturday 24 October.

Wet and Forget NOW IN!

Wet and Forget  - NOW IN!  For those of you who haven't heard of Wet and Forget, it is an ingenious solution that you paint on areas that normally get covered in mould, moss or lichen etc, ie paving slabs, walls, pots, even boats!  It has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss & mould removal on absolutely any exterior surface.  When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mould and grime. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush the moss, mould and grime without scouring the surface it has infested.

*  Non caustic. Non acidic  *

*  No bleach. No water blasting  *

*  No elbow grease!  *

Let Abbey plant your baskets for you!

We all know the feeling, browsing round our vast expanse of bedding plants, wondering which ones to choose, and which colour scheme to go with - the choice can be quite daunting!  Well, worry no more!  Let our knowledgeable Plant Team here at Abbey make up your baskets for you!!

Bring in your empty hanging baskets from home and we will re-plant them for you with colours and plants of your choice - all for the cost of the plants plus £1 for the compost! 

*  No more tiresome decisions!  *   No more hassle!  *  Let Abbey make you the baskets you have always wanted!  *

** Be the first to see our new video! **

PLEASE CLICK on the link below to watch our fabulous new video, made by the very talented Luke Parker, promoting Abbey Garden Centre!  Do pop by and let us know what you think of it!

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Aquarium and Watergarden Centre stocking a great selection of tanks, RO Water, tropical fish, marine fish, Koi Carp and Gold Fish.

Ponds, pond liners, pumps, accessories, plants and food. Challenge our knowledgeable experts with your queries and dilemmas!

Make it a Gift with our Gift Wrapping Service

Ask for it to be Gift Wrapped for only £1.00*


* Available most days, and may involve a wait.