Bank Holiday Monday is business as usual!

We are open as usual on Bank Holiday Monday - 8.30am to 5.30pm.  Our Cafe is open from 9am to 5pm - hot food ends at 2.45pm, but cakes, crisps, biscuits and pasties are always available.

Bank Holiday weekend offer (plants) - Friday to Monday only!

Our GRAFTED vegetables (including some fantastic tomatoes and cucumbers) are Buy One Get One HALF PRICE!!  Favourite varieties have been grafted onto vigorous rootstock, which is said to produce up to 75% more fruit!  Pictured left is TWO varieties of tomato grafted onto one plant!


All ROSES are Buy One Get One HALF PRICE!!  Roses are just starting to come into bloom, and we have many different types - hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing, rambling and patio.  Buy one and get another one half price (cheapest one half price).

Bank Holiday weekend offers (shop) - Friday to Monday only!

Are you ready?!  Six pound-busting offers coming up!

(1)   Seed and insect suet treats for birds - a 3.3 kg tub (10% extra free) is just £7.99 (RRP £14.99)

(2)   Robin bird boxes have been slashed to just £2.99!  (RRP is £6.99)

(3)   Kent & Stowe Twin pack of secateurs are just £14.99 (normally £14.99 each, singly)

(4)   Kent & Stowe Border Shear with FREE single handed shear (worth £14.99) - just £19.99!

(5)   Kent & Stowe Bypass Lopper with FREE 8" secateurs (worth £9.99) - just £14.99  (RRP £19.99)

(6)   Miracle Gro Moisure Control Compost, 50 litres, normally 2 for £12, now 2 for £10!



All of these offers run Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday only and are WHILE STOCKS LAST!!



Loyalty Card Offer - Hydrangeas are Buy One Get One Half Price!

HYDRANGEAs must feature in a huge percentage of British gardens! They are tough, colourful, respond to pruning very well, and come in a multitude of colours.  They are also perfect for that difficult shady spot as hot summer sun may scorch their petals. 

Buy One Get One HALF PRICE!!

If you don't already have one of our Loyalty Cards, simply pop by the till area and sign up for a card to start enjoying our special money-saving offers!

Back, due to popular demand - CONFETTI pots!

You've been asking for them, and we've grown them again for you!  The ever-popular Confetti pots are fresh from our greenhouses - a mix of 3 bedding plants in the one pot, chosen for their form and colour, which makes it very easy to plant up a hanging basket or pot.

They are £2.99 a pot, and come in various colours.  PROTECT FROM FROST!!!!

Osteospurmums (Cape Daisy) - Buy One Get One Half Price!!

Osteospurmums, also known as Cape Daisies, are native to South Africa, and love a sunny, warm position, where their petals will unfurl in the sunshine.  They come in a multitude of colours and will brighten up any container - they tolerate dry conditions for short periods, but for best flowering keep moist, and dead-head spent flowers.

Buy One Get One Half Price (£2.49 each)!!!



Posh wellies! - William Morris wellies!

These stunning new Wellington boots are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! The designs are based on pictures by famous artist William Morris - his most famous fabric design is called the Strawberry Thief, also a green print called Honeysuckle Garden, and these feature on the wellingtons (£34.99), tool bag (£14.99) and tote bags - a mere £7.99! We also have gardening gloves and hand tools.  Come along and see for yourselves!

Wet and Forget - selling fast!

This fabulous product is selling fast, as word is getting out at how GREAT it is at getting rid of mould, algae and lichen!  It is so simple to use - simply dilute in a garden sprayer, and apply to paving slabs, paths, the sides of pots, greenhouses, wooden fences, conservatories, boats, in fact anywhere where mould and algae collects.  Just look at the "before" and "after" photo below, to show the results that can be obtained!  Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss, mould and gunge removal on any exterior surface. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help remove the mould without any scouring or effort needed!  A large 5 litre concentrate bottle is £29.99, but diluted down makes up 30 litres of product.  

Abbey's "90 at 90" giveaway!!

"90 at 90" Giveaway Day!  

On Saturday 11 June, to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, Abbey Garden Centre is giving away 90 gifts!  The first 90 customers who spend £50 or over will be given a raffle ticket, which will be attached to 90 different, unique prizes - some of which have been donated by local businesses.  If you also give us your email address that weekend, you will also go into a draw to win a rose arch worth £100!

Abbey's Café - you can have our delicious breakfasts SOONER!


Due to high demand for our delicious, freshly cooked-to-order breakfasts, we are pleased to announce we will be starting serving at an earlier time of 9am Monday-Saturdays and 9.30am on Sundays.  (Starting from Monday 9th May).  So now your rumbling tummies won't have to wait so long for a tasty cooked breakfast - see you soon! 

Mini Greenhouses for Growbags and other plants!

Not all of us have a large enough garden for a large, glass greenhouse, so the next best thing is one of these Gardman PVC Growbag Growhouses!  The kit includes a strong, push-fit frame and a stitched seam PVC cover, with a roll-up zipped door - ideal to hold one growbag and up to 3 tomato plants.  Or aubergines, peppers, or anything else that needs a little bit of protection from those cool nights!  Available now at Abbey, for only £14.99!!

New in - Fiskars lightweight spades and forks!

You like to garden, but the tools are so HEAVY!  Why not lift up a Fiskars lightweight Garden Light spade or fork and be amazed at how little they weigh!  The oval shaped aluminium shaft with a plastic coating makes it lightweight, resistant to rust and helps to maximise the grip and insulate from the cold. While the shaft is made from aluminium, the boron steel prongs adds extra strength.  Come and lift one up today, and see for yourself!

Gardening Gloves to protect your hands!


     We have a large range of gardening gloves by Briers - the multi-packs are the most economical way of buying gardening gloves, as you always need several pairs at a time!  The new "Falling Flowers" triple pack are very good value at just £4.99 - for 3 pairs - bargain!!  They also come as Rigger gloves, with leather fingertips, for those tough jobs in the garden - just £5.99 for a twin pack.   Also rippled Latex-palmed gloves in various colours for just £6.00 for 3 pairs - mix and match the colours!  Finally, mens' triple pack gloves in a very eye-catching black and yellow, for just £4.99!!  So now he has no excuse not to prune your Roses!  

Gardening clogs - the ideal "back door" shoe!

You MUST try on these excellent gardening slip-on clogs!  They are the IDEAL back-door shoe, so easy to pop on when you go in the garden!  NEW IN, the lovely "Falling Flowers" range that matches the Falling Flowers gardening gloves!  They come in a very pretty purple or pink floral design, as well as the more traditional green clogs (that I have myself, and they are RIDICULOUSLY comfy!)  Just £9.99!!

Don't forget our newly stocked gift area!



As you head up towards our popular Café, why not stop and browse our gift department, where you will find lots of cute and novel items that would make ideal house decorations or gifts.  These cheerful scarecrows (pictured above) have proved a big hit with the children, and we have lots of mugs, vases, signs, pots, baskets etc - come and have a look!

A plea for BOOKS!!

BOOKS NEEDED!! A plea for help! As many of you know, our Café sells donated books for 50p each to raise money for various charities. Our current cause is Wave 105's Cash for Kids campaign, to help local children in our area, and we have so far raised an amazing £150 thanks to our generous customers! But we need MORE BOOKS to sell, as we are running very short! PLEASE have a look through your bookshelves and bring in any you no longer need/have read, and for 50p a book you could find some new ones!

Our Café garden is a real sun-trap!

Don't speak too soon, but we have had some LOVELY sunny weather these last few days, and customers have been taking advantage of our Café courtyard, which is a real sun-trap!  (we also have parasols if you prefer shade!)  Even if the air is still cool, our sheltered Café garden makes the most of every ray of sunshine - why not come for a coffee, or lunch, and see for yourself?!

"The Sharpening" - next visit is Saturday, 28 Mayl

Dates for 2016

Saturday 28 May Saturday 18 June
Saturday 30 July Saturday 20 August
Saturday 24 September  


"The Sharpening" will be returning to Abbey Garden Centre on SATURDAY 28 May!!!   Come to Abbey with your blunt items and get them sharpened!  Items such as flat mower blades, shears, loppers, knives, scissors, secateurs, chisels, axes, planes etc.  Prices vary depending on item, from £2 upwards.  Hunt through your shed, or kitchen drawer, and come visit The Sharpening at Abbey Garden Centre.

Fibrous Fertiliser - 2 for £10!!

  • This is farmyard manure compressed into fibrous pellets, and is 6-8 times richer than wet farmyard manure!  One application continues working right through the season, it's an ideal feed for flowers, lawns, vegetables, trees and roses and is good for Azaleas and Rhododendrons as it doesn't contain lime.  Provides humus, nutrients and trace elements with a neutral pH.
  • Great offer - 2 for £10 (normally £7.99 each)

Tomato feed - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

BRILLIANT offer on Vitax Tomato Feed

£4.99 each - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

~  Why not stock up on this excellent offer as high potash tomato feed helps produce flowers/fruit, and is also suitable for many other plants around the garden!  ~


Spring is well and truly underway, as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Aubergines and Chillies plants are in stock!  We have lots of varieties of Tomatoes to choose from, including Gardener's Delight, Beefsteak, Shirley, Cossack, Roma, Plum, Supersweet 100, Alicante, Moneymaker, Tumbler, Tumbling Tom Red, Golden Sunrise, Losetto and Sungold.  Also Cucumber Mini F1, Chilli Jalapeno and Bell Boy F1 Red Pepper.  Get them started NOW and you will be rewarded with delicious home-grown fruit nice and early!  They need to be grown-on on a warm windowsill or a heated greenhouse/conservatory  -  PROTECT FROM FROST!!!

New in - fantastic decking planters!


These fantastic decking planters are new in, and would look great on your patio!  They come with an inner plastic pot, which fits neatly inside the wooden decking outer pot.  You can leave it as a natural wood colour, or varnish it, or paint it a colour to suit your garden!  They come in 4 different sizes - a small square, a large square, a tall one and a long trough one.

Cute "Gro-able" Veg Pods! As seen on TV!


MiracleGro have come up with a very cute way of growing vegetables, in a little "pod"!!  You may have seen the advert on TV lately!  The "Gro-ables" pod is biodegradable and contains the seeds in a growing medium - all you have to do is simply plant the whole pod in some compost, water it, and wait for your plant to grow!

These cute little pods come in 6 options - Salad Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Courgette, Hot Pepper and Sweet Pepper.  They are just £1.99 each, and make a SUPER PRESENT for someone!  Especially good to encourage children to grow their own vegetables!

Loyal customers are rewarded! Who will be next?!


We held a special presentation recently, to award some Abbey Garden Centre vouchers to some of our most loyal and dedicated Facebook followers.  Tricia Clark, Lynn Chattam and Sylvia Scutt always have a kind word or comment to our posts on Facebook, so we wanted to say "thank you"!  Follow Abbey Garden Centre on Facebook, add a few comments - we LOVE to hear from you!  Who knows, YOU may be the next lucky person to receive a thank you from us, and some vouchers!!

Click here to go to our Facebook page:

NEW!! Baby Bio for OUTDOOR plants!!

NEW IN  -  Baby Bio for OUTDOOR plants!!!  (as well as the usual smaller bottles for indoor houseplants)

  • The yellow bottles, pictured right, are for outdoor flowers/plants and the green bottles are for fruit and vegetables.
  • Both bottles make up to 75 litres of feed - simply dilute 10ml into 1 litre of water and water into plants/veggies - and are just £5.99
  • The smaller bottles for indoor houseplants (brown bottles) and orchids (pink bottles) are £2.99.

If you want your plants to flourish, give them some Baby Bio!!

Beautiful bird bath, or beautiful ornament? You decide!


Just look at the stunning colours on this beautiful Peacock bird bath - or is it a highly decorative ornament to grace any conservatory?  You decide!  It is GLASS (not resin),HAND PAINTED in the most gorgeous peacock colours of royal blue, purple and green, and would look ideally at home as a bird bath on your patio, or in your conservatory/porch!  At just £19.99 they are sure to fly off the shelves!  UPDATE:  our first batch SOLD OUT, but now we have MORE STOCK IN!!!


Why not buy the matching Peacock doormat to go with the bird bath?  Or maybe a beautiful butterfly mat, or for those who have dogs/cats - a "please wipe your paws" doormat?!!  Fully weather resistant coir with PVC backing, and just £9.99!

Terrific Terracotta!

Just look at the HUGE range of Terracotta pots that we now have in!  All shapes and sizes, from small pots and saucers that are suitable for herbs, right up to enormous planters suitable for large shrubs or small trees such as Acers.  Also shallow, round bowls that suit Alpine plants, and ones with many holes that you can plant Strawberry plants, or Lobelia in!  Truly a pot for every occasion! 


A gentle reminder to our doggy friends .....

Abbey Garden Centre is a dog-friendly site, we love to stop and say hello to our 4-legged visitors, even in our Cafe, on the green-floored area, but here is just a gentle reminder of our dog rules!



Rewards for Forces card

We are happy to say that we now accept the "Rewards for Forces" card, which is a card that serving and ex-Servicemen can apply for.  This card will entitle you to a 10% discount on purchases at Abbey Garden Centre (excluding the Cafe, vouchers and sale items)

Just show your Rewards for Forces card at the till to get your 10% discount!  Click HERE for further information on the Rewards for Forces Card.

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Ponds, pond liners, pumps, accessories, plants and food. Challenge our knowledgeable experts with your queries and dilemmas!

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