Banish the gloom - add COLOUR to your garden!

Right now, the weather may be gloomy, but come and look at our fantastic, colourful display of plants, ready to brighten up your garden!  We have colourful primroses, bellis daisies, narcissus, dianthus and much more - lots of vibrant colour to cheer us up with the promise of Spring just around the corner!

Abbey's Loyalty Card offer - Roses, Buy One Get One Half Price!

This week's Loyalty Card Offer has always been very popular in the past as it is for one of the nation's favourite garden plants, the Rose - Buy One Get One Half Price (cheapest one half price).  Pictured above is the fabulous Rose of the Year 2015 - For Your Eyes Only, now in stock!  If you don't already have a Loyalty Card, pop by the tills and sign up for one, and you too can enjoy our extra-special offers! 

It is the ideal time of year to plant roses, whilst they are still dormant, and here at Abbey Garden Centre we have a large selection of floribunda, shrub, patio, climbing, hybrid tea and rambling roses to choose from.

It is also the best time of year to prune any existing roses in your garden - climbing roses should really have been pruned in Autumn, but now is a good time to tackle bush and floribunda roses.  You need a sharp pair of secateurs, available here at Abbey, to make a clean cut.  Cuts should be no more than 5mm (¼ in) above a bud and should slope away from it, so that water does not collect on the bud.  Cut to an outward-facing bud to encourage an open-centred, goblet shape.  Cut out dead and diseased stems and spindly and crossing stems, aim for well-spaced stems that allow free air flow.  Don't be afraid to reduce the size of the rose right down - they respond very well to pruning.  Remove all leaf litter and cuttings from beneath the bush, to reduce the spread of blackspot, and then treat them to a generous helping of manure, also available at Abbey, to give them a good feed - roses LOVE muck!

Come and visit our Cafe - great offers now on!

Why not come in from the COLD and visit our warm and welcoming Cafe?  We have some fantastic offers now on, see below, including a freshly cooked English breakfast for just £1.99!



Come along and try some of our great deals today!

New to Abbey Garden Centre - Neudorff Range of Products

New to Abbey Garden Centre, the Neudorff range of natural and organic products.  They are environmentally friendly, reliable and effective pest control products.  For example, "Sluggo" Slug and Snail Killer contains 10g/kg ferric phosphate (iron) which occurs naturally in the environment.  After controlling slugs the product biodegrades into iron and phosphate enriching the soil around your plants.  Slugs are attracted away from plants to feed on the bait.  They cease feeding immediately and disappear underground to die without leaving any slime secretion or the need to collect and dispose of slug bodies!

*  *  For use on ALL edible and ornamental crops  *  *

Carruth Studio stone now 10% off!


Carruth Studio stone figures and plaques now 10% off!

Makes an ideal gift/present!

Fantastic Offer on Primroses continues - 8 for £6!

Our fantastic offer is continuing:   PRIMROSES  -  Buy 8 for just £6 (that's an amazing 75p each!)

What could cheer up a damp, gloomy February day more than the sight of cheery Primroses and Polyanthus, in a multitude of colours, including these gorgeous "Strawberry Fields" Polyanthus! These tough little flowers shrug off the cold and rain and will add colour to your beds or containers.  Don't delay - come grab some today!

Time to think about Propagation!




Now is the time to think about what plants you want in your garden this year.  Growing your own plants from seeds is very economical and very rewarding too, and now is the ideal time of year to start! Why not pop in and have a look at our large range of propagation equipment and give it a go yourself?  "Sow and Grow" kits are an easy way to start, and contain biodegradable pots that can be planted out into the garden, without having to lift out the plant and risk damging the roots!

Potatoes, Onions and Summer Bulbs - NOW IN!!


We have a large selection of seed pototoes in - First Earlies, Second Earlies and Main Crop pototoes - ready to chit now, ideally spaced out in egg boxes,  for planting out in March (or when the risk of frosts has passed).  Also a large selection of onion and garlic bulbs.  And don't forget the fabulous summer bulbs, such as Dahlias, Anemones, Liatris, Lillies and Gladioli, and Autumn flowering Nerines.  Most are for planting by March.  Available in regular size bags, and extra value XL size too.


Another Great Offer - 25% off Terracotta Pots!*


*  *  A MASSIVE 25% off Terracotta Pots!  *  * 

Buy pots now for your Winter displays, or why not stock up on new pots ready for next summer?

*  NOT Woodlodge terracotta pots

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